December 12th Consignment Auction

Furniture, Tools, Antiques, Glassware, Household items, Toys, Coins, Diecast Tractors, and so much more!


Cash, checks & all major credit cards accepted with proper ID. Bidders shall satisfy themselves as to the conditions, quality & descriptions. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. All property is sold "AS IS, WHERE IS". Announcements made day of sale take precedence over any advertisement.


Personal Property (1)

Personal Property ID : 243993

Tools, Furniture, Toys, Coins, Antiques, Glassware, Household items, and so much more! Keep watching for new pictures of items!


Coins: 24 K Gold Plated Eisenhower Dollar; Ancient Coin; Civil War Penny; Old Proof Coins (4); Foreign Coins (8); US Mint Set; 6 Wheat Cents, 2 sheets; Old Wheat Cents (8); Steel War Cents (6); Steel War Cents P-D-S (6); Indian Head Cents (6); Uncirculated Lincoln Cents (8); Old Jefferson NIckels (6); Old Jefferson Nickels (8); Uncirculated Old Wheat Cents (2); Uncirculated Roosevelt Dimes (8); 1909 First Year Issue Lincoln Cent; Uncirculated Mint Set Medallions (8); Old Eisenhower Dollar; $10 REpublic of Liberia Millenium Coin; 24K First Day Commemorative Stamp; Uncirculated Half Dollar with Statehood  Quarter Image; Foreign Paper Bill Collection (4); Uncirculated Jefferson Nickels (6); "V" or Victory Nickels (4); Buffalo Nickels (6); Buffalo Nickels (8); Old Type Coins (2); Westward Journey Nickels (10); 2009 Lincoln Set (8); Old $2 Bill; Silver Certificate; Commemorative Medallion; Proof Kennedy Half Dollar; Mexican Silver Peso; Joseph Barr $1 Note (Rare)

Live only
Thu, Dec 12, 2019
6:00 PM CST
6451 E. 1050th Ave., Robinson, IL, 62454

Bill Burke